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Birthdate:Oct 21
Name: Leia; Leia Skywalker only in private audience with the Emperor
Age: 21
Affiliation: Empire
Position: Emperor's Hand
Primary Weapon: Double-Bladed Lightsabre: red blades, silver handle with black trim; handle can be snapped in half to produce two single-blades if need be.
Secondary Weapon: Blaster; the Force
Homeworld: Alderaan
Current Residence: Imperial Center

Leia Skywalker

After being captured by Vader and brought to the Death Star, Leia is interrogated for the location of the Rebel base. While she makes a valiant stab at resisting, she lets slip that the Rebel base is on Dantooine. Vader and Tarken investigate, but it's obviously false. As punishment, Vader destroys Alderaan and then tortures Leia. Once more, she resists, but Vader, uses a powerful mind suggestion and, though she fights it initially, it ends up breaking down her mental barriers and she tells him that the base is actually on Yavin.

R2-D2, knowing full-well that Leia has been captured, tells Obi-Wan that he is carrying the plans for the Death Star and that the info must be taken to Yavin IV instead of Alderaan, as the fleet is actually staging from the moon, not the planet. The droid also tells Obi-Wan that once Yavin has been alerted to the dangers posed by the Princess's capture that the standing evacuation orders are to be followed and all Rebels are to head to Chandrilla. Obi-Wan with Luke, Han, Chewie and the droids bypass Alderaan and hence, miss the Death Star all together.

They arrive in the Yavin System not long before the Death Star arrives. The Rebels are in the middle of the evac when the planet is destroyed; only half the fleet, including Obi-Wan and Co., escape to Chandrilla.

Once Yavin is destroyed, Vader makes his report to Palpatine. The Emperor is pissed at the partial destruction of the Rebellion, and also at the escape of the last Jedi Knight in the galaxy. He's intrigued by Leia, however, and orders her to be brought to Imperial Center (Coruscant). Palpatine discovers Leia's latent Force-abilities and as he unlocks her hidden past, he trains her as one of his Hands. It is soon evident that she is far superior, and the reason being - as discovered by the medics that scanned her when she arrived - is that she is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker. Palpatine kills the medics that know about this Very Important Fact, and he never tells Vader that his daughter is now one of the deadliest and most elevated women in the galaxy.

To help keep Leia firmly on the Dark Side, he continues to remind her that her own father destroyed not only her family, but her home and planet. He promises that one day, he will give her the orders to kill her father, so long as she stays out of his way. This is not a problem, seeing as how she loathes the man anyway.

Vader, meanwhile, tracks the fleeing Rebels to Chandrilla, where the meager fleet engages the Death Star and destroys it. It is there that he discovers Luke and his obsession with the young man begins. Once it is discovered who Luke really is, the Emperor tells Leia and says that she must kill her brother before he usurps her place as Palpatine prized student. He also tells her that the Rebellion is where Luke draws his strength, so it, too, must be destroyed. She vows to achieve this, but wishes to gauge her brother's abilities first.

Playing the poor, hapless and freed captive, she lets it leak out that she has been dropped off on Bespin. Luke is sent out to investigate this, since his Jedi training makes him ideal, however this forces him away from Obi-Wan's influences and protection. Once he arrives, Leia confronts him, and they fight. The duel is reminiscent of the one between Luke and Vader in ESB. It is here that Leia tells Luke who she really is, and that she is far superior to him in every way. She even wounds Luke, but instead of merely lopping off a hand, she takes the arm from just below the elbow, as Dooku did to Anakin so very long ago.

Luke escapes her and is rescued by Obi-Wan, while Leia returns to her ship. She vows to find Luke once more. She has now felt his Dark potential and is convinced that, together, she and Luke can overthrow not only the Emperor, but their own father, as well, leaving the galaxy at the mercy of the Skywalker Twins.

[Disclaimer: This journal is for RP purposes within otherways. George Lucas ownes Star Wars and I am in no way affiliated with him, or Keira Knightly, the avatar I have chosen to represent this version of Leia.]

[Not profiting, no suing. Seriously, if Lucas has issues, he can have my merchandise back, cause that's all I have.]

[Disclaimer the Second: This journal may contain material that is unsuitable for minors. I will endeavour to label such things clearly, so please, don't yell at me if your kids read things they shouldn't. It's YOUR job to monitor what your children view, not mine.]
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